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Annual Meeting

We hold an annual meeting every November to discuss any issues in the neighborhood. We tell you how we are using your dues to keep your neighborhood the amazing place that it is. The meeting includes old and new business as well as a time to socialize and get to know your neighbors.

As a 30 year plus resident of Hunting Hills, I have not seen as much enthusiastic efforts to improve our neighborhood as I am seeing now. My wish is that everyone living here knows that all improvements made to our committee are planned and financed by the Hunting Hills Homeowners Association. Old Heritage is not involved. I just wonder how much more we could do if everyone paid their dues. Becky Fariss

Dear Tim and the members of the HHHOA team: 

This is just a note to thank you and the team for all the work they do to improve the appearance of Hunting Hills and the lives of its residents.  I know that you put in a lot of hours and effort to organize the ideas that you and the team come up with.  They are certainly a very real addition to the quality of life here, and the events all provide ways for people to meet and make new friends within the community. 

For myself, I certainly enjoy seeing our flag proudly displayed every time I drive past it!  Then of course there is the Christmas tree that adds much to the celebration of the season.  I know I certainly enjoyed the block party you organized and the Halloween get together was also a big hit. 

Another big hit for me is the clean-up group that has done so much to make the appearance of the area better. Then, to get the County Law enforcement group to help with the removal of all the cuttings, etc. is a real plus.  I understand that the prisoners really enjoy getting out for a while and that they were very appreciative of the people who stopped to say: “Thanks for your work”. 

These people in the work group certainly deserve a round of applause at the next meeting of the Association.  All that work at no charge to the association is probably something that all our members don’t know about.   

Thank you again for all your effort. 

Richard Hewitt


“I wanted to express my sincere appreciation to the Hunting Hills HOA for their incredible dedication to clean up all of the entrance areas and around the hillside in front of the country club.    The sense of pride being displayed by owners in Hunting Hills is incredible and I love how the neighborhood is being transformed.  So many new and young families are making considerable investments transforming older homes.  As a resident, this is extremely exciting!  The greenspace that Hunting Hills offers is unique and makes HH a special place to call home.  We must preserve its special beauty for the next generation.  It is more special when neighbors help neighbors and neighbors dedicate time and talents to the neighborhood to make it more beautiful, as is exemplified by the recent work done by the HOA.  Thank you for the great leadership of the HOA and its volunteers.  Lets make it a goal in 2019 that 100% of homes participate in the HOA with the annual dues so we may see this great continued progress in Hunting Hills.  By partnering together we all win!”


On another note, many thanks for the community celebration you did last August on Foxridge Road.  The event was awesome and provided a great opportunity to meet our fellows neighbors.  I hope this event can take place once again and perhaps the new street section on Hunt Camp would be an awesome place.

Mr. Jan Sessor